Highlayer - $50,000 Incubation Programme for JavaScript Developers to build in Web3

Created: May 09th, 2024   |   Last updated: July 04th, 2024

Highlayer is a Bitcoin Layer 2, which allows developers to start building on dApps on Bitcoin right away. Unique innovations provide Highlayer with Bitcoin-level decentralisation and Solana-level throughput. Our JavaScript first virtual machine makes it seamless for developers to starting building right now, avoiding the complexities of learning new Web3 languages.

The inclusion of a hybrid execution model (parallelization) and self-sustainable data availability system allows for Web3 applications built on Highlayer to compete in UX with Web2 apps that do not make any decentralization attempts. For full details about the possibilities of Highlayer, please refer to our litepaper.

Ecosystem Expansion

We are looking for talented Javascript developers who may have interest in building a wide range of applications which can include, but are not limited to: decentralized exchanges (DEXes), finance and lending platforms (DeFi), gaming and virtual worlds (GameFi), social networks (DeSo), marketplaces for digital items (NFTs), real world asset (RWAs) protocols, on-chain governance protocols (DAOs); any app that would benefit from decentralization.

“Decentralization” i.e. the removal of central authorities in the management and operation of application, leads to a number of downstream benefits, like elimination of censorship and third-party interference; transparency; reduced costs (as intermediaries are removed); fully autonomous systems without need for maintenance; returning back to the model of true data/items/assets ownership from Web2’s delegated, custodial ownership.

Web3 has seen a surge of innovation in a multitude of tech sectors and Highlayer represents the easiest solution for developers to enter the space.

Incubation Program

To support talented developers who build or plan to build on Highlayer, we are offering a $50,000+ incubation programme in the form of grants. We can support you in the following areas:

  • Direct access to core developers

  • Access to pool of quality VCs with introductions

  • Access to community fundraising platforms

  • $HI token grants 

  • Help with your tokenomics design 

  • Help with legal set-up

  • Market Making and exchange listing 

  • Marketing grants 


Developer's Documentation 

If you are interested in building on Bitcoin, you can start straight away by reading our developer's documentation:


Reach out to us on Telegram and Discord if you need any support.


Think Big, Build High 

Highlayer is the first layer 2 that truly inherits the decentralization and security of the Bitcoin network, while making it easy for anyone to develop both simple and complex applications in the Web3 space with use of Javascript. Our permissionless network allows anybody to develop fair and decentralized applications able to compete with centralized applications. Build with us!

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